Mish, congratulations on the new website. Unfortunately, I originally signed up for it using my Google ID, so now the notifications come to my gmail address (which I normally use only for traveling) rather than to my home e-mail address, which is the one I have listed as Contact Email in my personal information. Is there any way to direct the notifications to my specified Contact Email rather than to my gmail? Thanks.

you will need to create an account using your desired email

Thanks, but how can I delete the existing account?

I have to ask about that

Still trying to correct my email address for notifications. If no way to change from my present account, would like to know how to delete my account and sign up again without using my Google login. I sent a message about this to "service@themaven.net", which is where The Maven website says one should send technical inquiries. However, on each of two attempts my message was returned as undeliverable, saying that service@themaven.net email address does not exist. Very frustrating.

@ashtonw1, Sorry for the late response, I posted this to our internal help channel and we'll get this fixed.