Mish, as an avid reader and follower of your daily musings, I am having trouble getting email Notifications to work. I went to Top Stories and clicked on "Turn On Notifications" with "Newest" selected. However, I have yet to receive a Top Story email notification. Instead, I am receiving emails whenever someone posts in the Ask Mish section (even though I have notifications turned Off for the Ask Mish section). Hate to beat a dead horse and repeat the sentiment that the previous site and notification system were better, but thought I'd add my name to the list of disgruntled MishTalk followers.

I hope this gets sorted out - we need our MishTalk! #FreeMishTalk

Virat - setting notifications "on" at Top Stories level overrides other settings. If you just want stories and not Ask Mish, turn on notifications in Global Econ and Global Politics and nowhere else.

Thank you billso, very helpful!


billso - thanks for the input, I'll give it a shot