Loyal follower for years. I'm trying to get regular email notifications. After clicking on Top Stories, i cannot find a link to Turn on Notifications. Any suggestions?

Use a desktop PC with some grunt and a browser like firefox. This "ask mish" page takes 12s to load a single page with 8 or more style sheets and about as many java script files. There's clearly too much front end and not enough back end processing. Once the files are downloaded javascripts need to run so you need to give that some time. After clicking on top-stories, eventually the button that looks like 3 broken lines in the right hand side of the page should present itself. Clicking on that gives you a drop down menu with a notification item in it. If the javascript hasn't crashed along the way (ie. the browser hasn't deemed it malware and terminated it prematurely) you should be able to toggle that item. Obviously you need to login or create an account with your email address first.... again the login screen may not work on a tablet/phone and some browsers for all the same reasons as before.


Maybe the website is being run (or hacked) by the NSA ... what better way to silence a populist than to attract him to a website that doesn't work and drives everyone away - he he he.