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Is there a way to have articles emailed to me like wth the old site?

Hope this will still come in the future so will hang in there a bit longer. If it stays as it is, unfortunately I will bow out. I don't like sifting through my inbox deciphering the part description to see if I want to read it. I am not interested in going to the site and see if there may be something of interest, far to cluttered. The notifications are crucial but very poor in comparison to Mish's previous system.

even looking through the "ask Mish" page to see if this problem was addressed before is a drag; it is impossible to find anything. I would miss his writing though..

I can't even get the current notifications. How do you do that?

next to the four categories "Top StoriesGlobal EconomicsGlobal PoliticsAsk Mish" you see a small symbol that look like a bunch of sliders. press and turn on notifications. (for each header separately..)

I am giving up - the notifications seem to be getting worse- I d not get one for each new article, let alone a summary like we used to on the old Mish site. I will be deactivating all notifications and visit the site from time to time. Unfortunately that might mean it gets forgotten. I will miss this morning fix dearly.