As a reader for 10 years, I also preferred the previous for one particular reason: I used feedly to scan the headlines, then click on the articles I wanted to read. Can I still follow you using feedly? I can guarantee you that I will rarely come directly to the site just to browse articles.

I'm in the exact same boat. Been reading for 10 years now, via Google Reader, and then Feedly. Even in just the past week, I've found myself reading Mish less because I have to remember to come back to the site, and the email notifications aren't working (which would be less than ideal for me even if they did work....I want RSS). I tried a few RSS parsers out there which can parse normal page content into RSS feeds, and the markup on the maven site is relatively poor to be able to parse in this way (maybe that is intentional). I'd love to be able to get RSS back in some fashion, as that is my single source for following a curated list of authors I respect and ensuring I don't miss anything.