Any idea when The Maven group are going to fix their website.... can turn stuff on (like notifications) but never turn it off - kind of like spam.

You can turn notifications on or off simply by clicking on that button. It is by room or global. Each room has a button.

Thanks Mish. I've tried that. Buttons allow me to turn stuff on but not off again, ie. they don't toggle properly. Using Edge, IE11 and F/Fox browsers on Win10.

From Maven support: The notifications toggle works just fine on Edge, IE11 and Firefox. Data shows its used every single day with those browsers, and we just re-verified for you to be sure.

@pgp. We have seen that in some cases and as clunky as it sounds, the work around was to toggle it on and off a couple times. I think a fix for that rolled last night but I'm pretty sure to make it take hold you'll want to toggle the notification anyway. We have a pretty nice suite of notification settings like frequency, format, and preferred method built out and run through it's paces in the android app but we haven't ported it to the web or iphone yet because shedding the blocky pinterest look and getting faster page loads have been our highest priority on the web. A million plus new users week over week help have helped us find a lot to work on but if there wasn't room for improvement I'd have nothing to do so keep the feedback coming.