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Intercept Political Idiocy: "Unclear Whether Trump is Foreign Agent"

I thought the Russian collusion madness had long ago reached a peak. I was wrong.

Intercept writer James Risen asks "Is Donald Trump a traitor?"

I FIND IT hard to write about Donald Trump.

It is not that he is a complicated subject. Quite the opposite. It is that everything about him is so painfully obvious. He is a low-rent racist, a shameless misogynist, and an unbalanced narcissist. He is an unrelenting liar and a two-bit white identity demagogue. Lest anyone forget these things, he goes out of his way each day to remind us of them.

At the end of the day, he is certain to be left in the dustbin of history, alongside Father Coughlin and Gen. Edwin Walker. (Exactly – you don’t remember them, either.)

What more can I add?

Unfortunately, another word also describes him: president. The fact that such an unstable egomaniac occupies the White House is the greatest threat to the national security of the United States in modern history.

Which brings me to the only question about Donald Trump that I find really interesting: Is he a traitor?

Did he gain the presidency through collusion with Russian President Vladimir Putin?

One year after Trump took office, it is still unclear whether the president of the United States is an agent of a foreign power. Just step back and think about that for a moment.

Most pundits in Washington now recoil at any suggestion that the Trump-Russia story is really about treason. They all want to say it’s about something else – what, they aren’t quite sure. They are afraid to use serious words. They are in the business of breaking down the Trump-Russia narrative into a long series of bite-sized, incremental stories in which the gravity of the overall case often gets lost. They seem to think that treason is too much of a conversation-stopper, that it interrupts the flow of cable television and Twitter. God forbid you might upset the right wing! (And the left wing, for that matter.)

But if a presidential candidate or his lieutenants secretly work with a foreign government that is a longtime adversary of the United States to manipulate and then win a presidential election, that is almost a textbook definition of treason.

Traitor? Foreign Agent? Treason?

It's easy to make a case that Trump is a liar and a narcissist. Traitor? Agent of a foreign power? Treason?

Risen is delusional. He needs a new career. He would fit right in with the Washington Post or CNN. Perhaps he can get together with Michael Moore and do a movie.

The again, I shouldn't suggest such things. The Washington Post and CNN need cleansing, not bigger political nut cases.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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  • MorrisWR

    Mar 1, 2018

    To mch, have you not read all of the Mish articles about Trump that are negative? I believe he is “all over” Trump as well. Whether anyone agrees with Mish’s views, he seems to at least be fair about listing his negatives.

  • mch

    Feb 27, 2018

    Libertarian slant is enlightening - especially for purposes of trying to understand current world (e.g. antithesis of the fed's dogma etc.). In this same way Mish, I'm really amazed that you don't let the facts speak for themselves in regards to Trump (1) in excess of 3500 lawsuits (2) Trump university -- garbage and exploitative (3) "good folks on both sides" in relation to charlottesville -- these were nazi's -- do you really support mass murder (4) indictments -- manafort/flynn (5) Arm the teachers ? (6) His whole family is working in the white house -- There is just too much smoke -- I'm a trader and a libertarian -- but this guy is an absolute crook/dbag under any type of analysis. As I recall you were all over Hillary weaknesses (I'm no fan) --

  • Guinny_Ire

    Feb 26, 2018

    Have we considered that the Press may be colluding with the Russians in their coverage on Trump? Do we know that Risen is not receiving compensation by govt agencies, domestic or foreign, for writing an article like this along with past work? It's not that Trump is suspect, it's everyone is suspect now. Welcome to the new McCarthyism.

  • SweetKenny

    Feb 25, 2018

    Hey Mish here’s a newer video of Jordan Peterson talking about a gotcha interview with Vice and the legacy media. I think it speaks to the Intercepts article

  • JonSellers

    Feb 25, 2018

    I am old enough to remember when the American people would have found it completely unacceptable for a news organization to write this garbage about a sitting president. I didn't vote for Obama or Trump, but I am disgusted with the way Americans put up with the garbage that has been written about them.

  • Blacklisted

    Feb 25, 2018

    Sane people understand these types of rants are nonsense. However, since time is running out for the establishment, people should expect the insanity and propaganda to intensify, especially against this anti-establishment President, who must build a wall between Socialism and tyranny before it's too late. The govt debt bubble (Socialism) is close to popping. As the sovereign debt crisis spreads from the periphery to the core, the ability for govts to fund their largess will increasingly require more taxes, fees, asset forfeitures, bail-ins, and wars to be imposed on the people. Will it take banks confiscating deposits, and govt confiscating retirement accounts for the average Joe to realize we are on the path to tyranny? Regardless, sane people should be prepared, because we also know that career politicians never proactively reform. The last defense between an insane mass murderer and law enforcement, that has limited response time or is incompetent, is a gun. Similary, our Founders understood that the only thing between freedom and a tyrannical govt is an armed citizenry. Banning guns insures the only people with guns are govt and criminals, who have always bought them on the black market. If the establishment and their useful idiots have a sliver of sanity they need to realize they can impeach or assasinate Trump, renig on pensions, impose bail-ins, make up polls, and ban sane comments on social media, but they will never take the guns from Patriots. The establishment knows the 2nd Ammendment was not about protecting the right to hunt, which was ubiquitous at its writing. The fact they are trying to make this point is further proof the propaganda machine is alive and well.

  • Blacklisted

    Feb 25, 2018

    Make no mistake, Mueller, a tool of the establishment, will try to bring down Trump. As was correctly stated, a Grand Jury can indict a ham sandwich. Who polices the police?

  • stillCJ

    Feb 25, 2018

    As I read Comrade Risen's description of The Donald, it occurred to me that all the negatives he listed would actually apply very well to Obama. Especially "racist, liar and narcissist". Plus Obama always has seemed like the real Manchurian Candidate, groomed and put there by the embedded communist revolutionary Bill Ayers.

  • stillCJ

    Feb 25, 2018

    Answer: Mueller is taking so long because he knows his assignment is to find something on The Donald and he does not want to admit he failed. He has had to produce some irrelevant charges to make it look like he is doing something.

  • Kinuachdrach

    Feb 25, 2018

    Lefties always accuse other people of doing what they themselves are doing. Bill Clinton selling missile guidance secrets to the Chinese in exchange for illegal campaign contributions? Hillary Rodman Clinton selling uranium to the Russians for illegal campaign contributions? Barry giving cash and an OK to develop nuclear weapons to Iran in exchange for ... nothing? The adulterous couple in the FBI seeking to overturn the presidential election? Yes, there is lots of treason out there.

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