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  • MattC

    Dec 20, 2017

    It is infuriating that "we" cannot do anything to fight the reaping of the working poor. It feels like we can only sit on the sidelines and see the wealthiest taking more money out of the economy that needs bolstering, even if the current economic trends show the U.S. to have all time high profits. The money from the record profits need to go back to the American's in order to truly be reinvested. Companies that simply buy their own stock to keep it out of investors pockets is not doing us good, how about building or upgrading factories in order to keep folks working.

  • Sechel

    Dec 19, 2017

    more like a gift offering a 20 percent deduction for income earned from “pass-through” entities — companies that don’t pay corporate taxes but pass through the income to be taxed as part of the owner’s personal tax bill

  • pete

    Dec 18, 2017

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