WHO Holds Medical Marijuana Is Safe

The World Health Organization has declared CBD to be safe and non-addictive.

You can read the details about a recent WHO report on CBD in Newsweek which held that CBD shows no indications of being addictive or prone to abuse. Furthermore, it found that CBD was nontoxic and did not present a major health concern. As a result, the WHO recommended that CBD should not be an internationally regulated substance, but made no direct comment on domestic regulation. This is the most comprehensive report that the organization has issued on CBD to date, and is a precursor to a full review of other cannabinoids and their health effects. The WHO also noted that CBD shows promising medical potential in several applications, including for epilepsy.

This comes at a critical point in the discussion about federal scheduling of marijuana, as the government currently does not recognize any medical use. The federal government makes no distinctions between CBD and other cannabis products, and federal regulation still heavily impedes medical research in the United States. As the international consensus begins to build behind the medical uses of marijuana and the lack of drawbacks, pressure to change the regulatory regime is likely to rise as well.