The Importation of CBD Products into Canada

The import of CBD oil products to Canada is illegal. However, there are key exceptions that investors may want to keep in mind when evaluating the potential of the Canadian market.

Canada's government, headed by Prime Minister Trudeau, intends to legalize cannabis in July 2018. It's hard to tell what the final status of regulation will be and how that legalization might change the import/export process, but the Washington Post reports that the shape of this law seems to be following a trend seen elsewhere: tightly regulated producers and tightly regulated markets. As a result, it's unlikely that the importing of cannabis oil will become as easy as importing other agricultural or pharmaceutical products. Thus, it can be instructive for investors to consider the current regulatory process surrounding CBD products.

In September of last year, Lift News reported on a response received from Health Canada regarding the potential for individual applications for import exceptions. Since this response, Charlotte's Web has begun shipping to Canada if the patient can receive this sort of exception from Health Canada. Notably, though, these exceptions are always evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and require significant input from physicians. This is clearly not the ideal environment for a thriving imported CBD industry.

Imports remain illegal, especially outside of medicinal use, in general.