Florida Marijuana Licensing Challenged

Florida has been dragging its feet on issuing new licenses for marijuana cultivation, leading to court challenges

The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that a new lawsuit has been filed challenging the Florida state government's failure to issue licenses in a timely manner. Despite being approved by voters late last year, the roll-out of medical marijuana in Florida has been very slow. This has led some investors to feel that the market has less potential than the state's large population would seem to indicate. Furthermore, the delay in issuing new licenses is allowing monopolies to flourish for those holding the small number of licenses that have been issued, leading to market distortions and making it more difficult for competition to regulate prices and produce innovation.

However, if the court rules that the state government is acting illegally, this could all change easily. This lawsuit is only the latest in a longer string of lawsuits challenging various rules, regulations, and bans that the Florida government has enacted to narrow the range of acceptable marijuana products. Those interested in the Florida market will want to pay careful attention to the results of these cases, as they are likely to shape the industry's future in the Sunshine State.