Great Budtender Habits you should expect

Stellar Service to Customers and Patients, Breadth of Knowledge, Calculating, Price Sensitivity...

Are you in Vancouver, WA and would like to employ a principled budtender or purchase cannabis products from top-notch sales staff at a dispensary? Well, expect these great budtender habits.

Stellar Service to Customers and Patients

Great budtenders know what works to the favor of customers. For instance, they may be committed to introducing new product arrivals at the cannabis dispensary.

Great customer service also goes a long way, by remembering a frequent or a one-time customer and/or patient who was served. You should expect a great budtender to have you in mind.

Breadth of Knowledge about Cannabis

Most patients and customers are not familiar with all manner of cannabis products. A great budtender knows what’s best for their customers, depending on their reasons for seeking out cannabis products.

The customer should also get complete clarification when they ask any question related to the product. A great budtender has the potential to clear the air regarding any concerns of the customer or patient.

Display Experience

Expect a great budtender to be experienced with most if not all cannabis products. They may have gained the experience following the making and mending of past budtending mistakes.

In this way, the chances of repeating the same mistakes and upsetting the customer or patient at the cannabis dispensary is reduced to zero.


Picture this: you are a customer or a patient and would like to get the correct quantity and potency of cannabis. This can be achieved easily by having a knowledgeable budtender familiar with dose and potency.

Expect a top notch budtender to have the mathematical skill and cannabis knowledge necessary to help customers achieve the desired results.

High Levels of Hygiene

Nobody likes a contaminated product, especially a costly one. A great budtender works with spotless utensils and a pair of clean gloves while serving their customers and/or patients.

Price Sensitivity

A great budtender uses sales skills to come to terms with their customers. The fact that more expensive products are available shouldn’t push a budtender to promote only the top shelf products.

If you are the employer, the last thing you want to see is the loss of a sales opportunity due to an employee pushing the sale of a product which is out of the customer’s financial reach.

Correct Product Information

Expect a great budtender to give only honest info about any cannabis product. They do not unfairly exaggerate the medical benefits or downplay the potency and side-effects of any products.

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