Why are women forced to wear a Hijab?

The Muslim religion is something I stayed away from on Social Media.

The Muslim religion is something I stayed away from on Social Media because anything you say usually gets you suspended, banned, or at least a request to remove the post.

I stumbled across an article that wanted to tell me about the 5 truths to the Hijab.
The first being, women are not “Forced” to wear hijabs they simply choose to because of family tradition. Another example is because these women choose to dress modestly. The author went on to explain to me how only “a small minority claim to be forced to wear a hijab” and that studies show that Muslim women choose to wear the Hijab as a way of showing “self control & power”.

Women who “chose” to wear the Hijab do so not because they are sexually oppressed but because they want to take control of their body. Wearing a hijab actually promotes their feminist ideology. Maybe that’s why it now comes in many different colors and styles? It’s more of a fashion statement. A very hot, scratchy, stuffy, and limiting fashion statement.

Do not fear the hijab, it is not worn by a terrorist.

The three countries most usually cited for Hijab enforcement are Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. However many will lead you to believe that the hijab is a choice, when that simple is just not true. It is forced. I view the hijab just like handcuffs.
Hijab, more specifically the Burqa, has been enforced in Afghanistan since the Taliban took over major parts of the country in 1996 following years of civil war. The Burqa covers the entire body, head and face. Hijab has been enforced since 1981, two years after the Islamic Revolution took over the country's leadership, with the support of most Iranians.

I have yet to find one ex-Muslim to tell me they chose to wear a hijab. In my opinion women should have the choice, if they want to wear a hijab for whatever reason then that is their choice but when they are beaten, arrested, or murdered for not wearing one, it is no longer a choice but an enforcement of slavery.

I’m American you have the right to wear what you want.

Al-Tabari, one of the earliest commentators, said: "The respectable women should not look like the slave-girls from their dress when they move out of their houses, with loose hair; they should rather draw and let down over them a part of their sheets or outer-garments so that no evil person may dare molest them."

So it’s the victims fault if she is raped or molested? Because her hair was loose?

The bottom line is Allah commands it. And what Allah commands must be done.

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Yes we do.



We have to push the truth and the facts!!


I see Linda Larsour has her own Maven. Interesting, spreading Islam thru taqiyya.


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