The New Red Wave

New Faces Of Patriotism

November 6th is a very important day for all of us.

There is so much debating going on right now, especially over gun control. How about we all take a minute away from social media and think about some things. See we spend a lot of time fighting over what’s right and what’s wrong. Who needs to be imprisoned or what truth there is to so many “scandals” going on now. There’s something way more important than our twitter fingers! It’s our actual votes!

On December 12th 2017 down in Alabama a very conservative State there was a special election for a seat in the senate. We all know republicans lost there. Spare me the conspiracy theories about bussing in voters and what not. The “sexual predator” smear did do some damage though. Even with that Moore lost by only about 12,000 votes. Damn imagine if so many more people got out and voted vice preaching on twitter all day.

We conservatives are losing ground with the younger generation. A lot of that has to do with MSM and our liberal education system as a whole. Another problem is we have some old ass candidates. One thing we need to do is figure out how to teach minorities that they’re benefited by voting for Democratic candidates.

We need to start with our local governments and get great young conservatives in office. Let them start as Mayors, City Council Members, and District seats in Congress. See this is how we take over as conservatives, flood local governments which will open the doors for these candidates to move up to higher offices.

What we need is strong, intelligent, and people of faith in these seats. We need people who are empathetic to others and truly want to listen to all people, while acknowledging our constitutional rights. We need people not scared to stand up for our rights just because some liberals want to change the constitution because they can’t stop their own people from shooting shit up.

I am pleased to say that I know a very special woman who has decided to run for California’s 48th Congressional District. I believe this is the first step in her way to truly make a positive change for our country by first starting in her own backyard. She embodies everything that the perfect candidate needs.

This Amazing Candidate is Shastina Sandman!!

I first came across Shastina on twitter talking about the NFL protests. I engaged in a dialogue with her and was immediately barraged with her supporters coming after me. Not shying away I kept my stance. I thought that would be my last encounter with her. Then I saw a debate come from her talking about white privilege. Oh man was I ready for this one. Again I commented and got my mentions destroyed. What came next I never saw coming though. A DM from Shastina asking my opinion on some things. See she’s a very open minded person who’s willing to listen to all people. At first she would’ve never known I voted for Trump or was a conservative based on some of my views yet she still reached out. This is what a true public servant does, cares for all people and really wants to help.

Shastina and many more young new conservatives to the game are here to make some huge changes in the near future. She truly cares for all Americans and once people can look past political parties and voting based on that alone they will see that she is the best candidate.

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