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A True Black Conservative Voice

It’s Time For For A New Black Voice

Martin Luther King Jr once a dream of an actual United country. His vision seems to be getting lost lately. See we are divided more than ever, but why is that? So many will blame President Trump for this. How is it his fault though? Oh yea because people say he’s a racist. But how is he one? How is wanting more people working than on welfare racist? Well I’ll tell you why it’s racist.

It’s racist because that’s what the failed Democratic leadership is telling you racism is. So as so many of my fellow minorities believe the lies they look past the actual racism and oppression.

Let’s look at two types of governmental types of people and you decide for yourself what’s really oppressing the inner cities.

Type 1:

A group of people want you to be successful. They want you to have a decent job so you can provide for yourself or your family. Type one doesn’t want you leeching off of actual hard working Americans, they just want you to be one of those hard working Americans. They want you to build up your own community up and it not be heavily run by the government itself. They want the actual crime to go down in inner cities and for education to thrive.

Type 2:

These officials want you be given handouts so you don’t have to work. Sounds good right? Free is always good right? Well with this you become restricted on how you can grow personally and financially. They don’t want you to be successful because they can’t control a group of independent people. They want you to receive these handouts because then the government has to pay for food vouchers. These vouchers can be used to get only certain types of food. These types of foods are owned by large companies in the food industry. These large companies then put money into the pockets of those same officials that want you to receive said benefits. That’s just one example of their circle of life works.

So you choose do you want to become successful and grow? Do you want to be able to set up a future for you kids?

See for my people in the inner cities I’m not here to recycle what you see online. The bickering and pushing of certain narratives isn’t what MAGA is. But you’re lead to believe false narratives by MSM and social media people in it for personal gain. I’m not here to turn my back on the inner cities and place blame and act better than you. I’m truly here to try and help make you better, the community better, and in turn that Makes America Great Again!

I know many of you take offense from “MAGA” people like Diamond&Silk and Terrence Williams. See they don’t care about MAGA or where they come from. When your whole basis is to push certain narratives and not show support to where you came from does not make anything great but their own egos and bank accounts. So I will say it DIAMOND AND SILK and the others like them do not represent a black conservative voice.

I think MLK message has def been lost..... he wanted equality. He would be disgusted with what we are doing today.

i happen to like Diamond and Silk. what's the issue?


Diamond and silk do nothing to bring in minority votes. They do nothing to help uplift other minorities or the inner cities. Also how popular were they before jumping on the Trump Train? Is it really about supporting MAGA or for personal gain? Many thought Joy Villa was good for MAGA at first also.