A New System

The Youth Is Our Future

We have a broken prison system. So many adults incarcerated for so long. How did they get there? So many just blame it on being lazy and trying to make a quick buck, being evil, or some just say hey black people are inherently bad! Yes, some still say that deny it all you want. Whatever the reason you believe it is you’re most likely missing a key component. Do you think these people turn 18 and become bad people? Absolutely not! Our inner cities lack positive strong role models. Only we can change that. It’s not the government’s job to “fix” our communities. This is a task we have to step up and do.

How can such a small group of leaders trying to do the right thing reach so many kids? Well, what if there was a central hub to bring these kids to these positive leaders? What if instead of when a child does wrong they go to juvenile detention, they go somewhere where people really care about them? What if there was a facility built similar to jail but was also an accredited school? What if we realized these young kids need guidance and an outlet to express themselves?

Imagine a structure that could house these “criminals” and actually focused on educating them! Imagine a facility that taught life skills along with a basic education. Imagine this same place had space for athletic facilities, land to be tended to, music studios, kitchens, and all sorts of things to find what intrigues these kids to keep them focused.

One more problem we face in this country is so many veterans without jobs or homes. What is the facility above had room to house veterans and give them jobs as teachers, coaches, and mentors?

This is my goal! MAGA is more than bickering on social media over investigations, memos, and corruption. MAGA is truly about Making America Great Again! When my dream final comes to fruition we will be making large strides to making an actual change.

YES YES YES. I have always thought that our prison system just fails us. Why is a correction officer title a "correction officer" if no behavior is being corrected? I would love to see a facility like this ran by our vets, I can already invision the impact this would have on America....How do we put something like this in motion?

There’s a lot of factors that go into making this a reality. The first is finding the location. The land would need to be pretty large. This facility would require enough land to raise farm animals also. A semi-self sustained facility where we would raise/grow our own food. For safety though it would still need to be a structure built similar to a prison.

Could we reform current prisons?

That’s an idea but when it comes to renovating a structure it may be better to just build new. See I don’t want this place to look exactly like a prison nor be an old “fixer upper”. A state of the art facility. Mentally for a kid struggling with growing up what looks better to them. Going from a juvenile detention center or to a new facility that in essence looks like a small city? There are so many plans. All kids would start with boot camp. Just like in the military we will break them down to build them up. Once the boot camp portion is completed it’s on to actual schooling.