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Let’s be Honest Here

Let’s keep it 100! Midterm elections are coming soon! And what’s hurting conservatives is the minority vote. Don’t start with the oh I know “plenty” of minorities that are conservatives. Let’s say you do. Let’s say you, just one individual knows 100 because that seems like a lot right? Well when there’s over 300 million in America you don’t know plenty at all. You know .00000033% of the population. Don’t be naive to think the number of minority conservatives is as high as you think. Here take a look.

We all know the liberal lies spread through minority communities by the Democrats. So we ask why can’t they see the light and vote for what’s right? Well it’s not that simple. Trying to break what’s been embedded into their heads is hard. It takes empathy to their problems, understanding of why they feel the way they do, and an actual plan that shows them what is better for them. Want to know what makes that harder to accomplish? White conservatives! Yes you white conservatives that don’t want to listen, the ones all over social media denouncing every stand people in the inner cities try to take.

If you take a second and get your panties out of a bunch and open your eyes you’ll understand what I’m saying. There’s a huge problem with violence in the inner cities, yes we all know that. But what do you white people do instead of trying to understand these areas? You just sit back and say hey blacks kill each other oh well. None of the conservatives come forward and say hey Chicago this is a plan we have to help stop the violence and help you rebuild your city. All you do is say hey the Democrats did that to your city so it’s your fault for voting that way. So when you tell them to just go vote Republican based on that statement no one listens. Why you ask? Because most of you don’t care. So many MAGA accounts on social media mock us minorities and even when people cross the line and get straight disrespectful you don’t see many MAGA people stepping in saying that’s fucked up. You all sit idly by and stay quiet.

So what do people in the inner cities see? A group of people that don’t really care and never come with an actual solution, so why should they vote Republican? Funny how we’ve been screaming about police and federal government corruption since the Hoover days. But did anyone listen? All we’ve heard is back the blue! Or you did something to deserve that treatment. But along comes Trump releasing the Memo and wow how many of you white folks want to come out and speak about how corrupt our legal system can be.

Maybe you should have been more empathetic to our voices and listened with the intent to understand instead of the intent to argue. Minorities face so many stereotypes that I push everyday to change, but we’re not the only ones. How do white people break the negative stereotypes of not caring for minorities? By actually trying to engage with us in a respectful dialogue. Don’t try and force your narrative down our throats. Listen and understand, share your thoughts on our issues while not dismissing our claims. Once you can build a strong dialogue have a plan to show from a conservative side that may solve the problems.

All in all we need minorities to vote Republican and the politicians do their part but don’t underestimate how your actions towards minorities sways their votes also.

We need a dialogue as well as votes. People who value common sense and integrity can have a dialogue


Very true but in dealing with someone on social media for starters how can you gauge their integrity?

🔥🔥🔥 great 👍 the reality just hit me in the face.