Why is the FBI Stonewalling?

Who at the FBI/DOJ paid for the Trump dossier? Was this Dossier used for FISA Warrents?


Republican Congressman Devin Nunez is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Back in March 2017, he asked the Justice Department (DOJ) the following questions:

• Who at the FBI/DOJ paid for the Trump dossier?

• Did the FBI/DOJ use the Trump dossier for specific FISA warrants or trigger specific prosecutions?

We are in January 2018 and Congress has still not gotten an answer!

Even the Wall Street Journal editorial board calls for Mueller to resign and accuses the Clinton campaign and DNC of collusion. They asked the same question: “Did the bureau use disinformation to trigger its Trump probe?”

How can the FBI and DOJ stonewall Congress like this?

We now know as fact that the Trump dossier was paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC! Did the FBI directly pay operatives who compiled the dossier? Was the Trump Dossier used the the DOJ to get a FISA warrant to spy on Americans?

Ironically, the only evidence of collusion with the Russians is the Clintons, the DNC, Clinton powerbrokers John and Tony Podesta, Clinton opposition research firm Fusion GPS, and the FBI! The Clinton campaign and DNC did what they have accused Trump of—colluding with (and paying) Russians to influence the November 2016 presidential election. Even the left-wing New York Times stated that the Clinton’s and DNC lied to them about the Trump dossier for a year!

What the hell is the FBI doing paying for a fake political dossier by one presidential candidate against another?

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It’s mind blowing they they can just NOT answer questions.


This bs drove me crazy during any of the Dems questioned in front of the oversight committee .