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The Mueller Probe Must be Shut Down!

We have all watched this political frenzy of the Washington DC political and media elite for the last year in disgust. For the media elite, it’s a game—destroy the President at all costs; we don’t need no stinkin’ evidence. For the politicians, there’s so much excitement for endless investigations of phony scandals, and focus on insignificant “palace intrigue” like kindergarten children, but a total refusal to investigate real crimes. All this noise about nothing! We want Congress working on the issues we sent them to Washington DC to do, on behalf of the American people.

It’s a very simple matter: The Mueller Probe Must Be Shut Down!

Judicial Watch, the American conservative watchdog group that fights government corruption, seems to be the only entity that is uncovering answers for the American people–even more so than Congress with all the investigative committees.

On Nov 08, 2017, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton reacted to the report about meetings between the co-founder of Fusion GPS and a Russian lawyer who made headlines over the summer after it was revealed that she had met with Donald Trump Jr.

Some Democrats accused the Trump campaign of “treason” after recent reports about Trump Jr.’s 2016 meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya, allegedly to obtain damaging information about Hillary Clinton. Speaking on “Fox & Friends,” Fitton said “it looks like a setup” for the lawyer to have been in contact with Fusion GPS before and after the Trump Tower meeting. “It’s either a scam or a setup,” he said, questioning when the FBI knew about the Trump-Russia dossier and what special counsel Robert Mueller knows about the dossier’s origins. “I think this whole investigation is fruit of the poison tree and needs to be shut down before anything else is done,” he argued.

Fitton said by Mueller’s current standard, anyone linked to Trump who communicated with Russians is subject to criminal investigation and must testify before Congress.

“Is the Clinton operation going to be subject to the same type of scrutiny by Mr. Mueller? I doubt it,” said Fitton.

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You are absolutely correct!! It’s been so hard with twitter and Facebook censoring us.


we've got to make a way bigger stink AND vote a super majority into Congress to get this thing shut down.Mueller has no incentive