P.S. this platform is awesome.Hope you beat the crap out of twitter

In my opinion we are and have been victimized by a global cartel of very bad actors that have been at this disinformation campaign for a long time. Nothing gets done because, as we have just seen, there are people in high places in many of our institutions, particularly the "INJUSTICE" system and the "FAKE NEWS" business that have been able to control the narrative and nullify justice itself. They get on Fox news and spew ridiculous comments that deflect from the essence of the obvious corruption. Then the talking heads wag their tongues at and over each other. We need to break up the FAKE NEWS INSTITUTION first - 6 major corporate entities controlling everything we see and hear is Orwells vision come true.

More immediate, as I previously mentioned, it is imperative that any commentary be precluded by acknowledging the objective truths underlying the issues. I pick out Fox news because it is the only public TV (except for OAN) that allows even the mention of an issue unflattering to the Marxist left agenda. Therefore any guest or employee like Juan Williams on Fox must first agree to the objective truths before commenting on any topic of discussion. For example before commenting on the funding of Planned UnParenthood, a guest must first acknowledge that: 1. their most frequent medical procedure is abortion by far. 2. The far fewer medical needs they provide are universally available elsewhere. 3. They have been discovered to provide abortions to minors without parental consent. 4. They have been greatly funded by selling organs. Unless these facts can first be acknowledged no commentator should be allowed to persuade the viewing audience that taxpayers should fund this organization. The TRUTH shall set us free.


We need to push the truth out there....we need to be louder then the current Mainstream Media

@theratzpack Thank you so much, I'm working hard daily to make it better and to get people off Twitter....If we all move over Twitter will change its ways, they will loose advertising dollars.