This post is brought to you by Familia Camarena Tequila.
Next Monday is Cinco de Mayo… which is a total bummer because it’s a MONDAY!

And even though the translation for Cinco de Mayo is quite literally the 5th of May, this festive and fun holiday simply cannot turn a Monday frown upside down, especially if you have to work on Tuesday!

Familia Camarena has come up with a creative plan to save Cinco de Mayo from the work week by asking you to take the pledge to #SAVECINCO and fiesta down this Saturday, the 3rd of May, instead of the 5th, so you can fully celebrate this festive holiday and enjoy yourself surrounded by friends and family.

If the weather permits, I’ll be celebrating on the lake with a few friends this Saturday evening, serving up my new favorite Refreshingly Delicious Tequila Cocktail with coconut pineapple water and other fruity fresh ingredients, with no worries about reigning it in because the following day is Sunday!

I’ve already sent out my invites, and though it’s a bit last minute, I thought I’d share it here in case you wanted to use it as well. Click Printable Cinco de Mayo Invite to download it… It’s printable & free, so just add your specific details and you’re ready to get fiesta-ing.

Below are a few fun, festive, and colorfully inspirational visual ideas to get your brain creatively thinking about your own Cinco de Mayo party this Saturday!

Sourc Links {from top } Printable Cinco de Mayo Invite | Before the Big Day Paper Decorations | Stuffed donkey at Sister Outlaws | Style ispo via Etsy shop Honeywood Vintage | Chair & Tabletop via Anthropologie | Fiesta Flowers via Aunt Peaches | All Pillows: MexChic textiles | Hammock via Hunters Alley | Pink poms Jim & Carole’s Mexican Adventure | Poncho via Etsy shop Honeywood Vintage | Cute Pom Pom Garland | Girl with flowers

Have Fun and Enjoy Cinco de Mayo on Saturday!

Watch the #SAVECINCO Video here for more fun and click through to take the pledge to #SAVECINCO

\ This post is brought to you by [**Familia Camarena Tequila**](http://bit.ly/1ll3nvu).*


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