Goat Yoga? You betcha!

If hot yoga is too tame and you want to get out of the gym, maybe the latest new trend sweeping the country is for you.

I love my goats. They always make me smile, and the same goes for everyone who visits my farm. Sometimes life can be…

There was one little baby doeling in particular that really brightened my days. Her name is Annie Goatley. Annie is a Nigerian Dwarf mini goat. Every time I looked at her, she brought a smile to my face, and I knew everything was going to work out. As I used the goats for my personal therapy, I started thinking that I could help other people that are suffering from stress, depression, illness, autism or PTSD by starting a therapy program using my goats. Equine and canine therapy are widely used and recognized for their medical benefits, so why not goat therapy?