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Do you have a kiddo or friend who is saving up their money for something special?? And you want to give them a money gift this year, but are looking for a way to make it more personal?

We have a whole list of creative money gift ideas! These are unique ways to give a kid what they really want, while wrapping it in a unique way that will make them smile!

Creative Ways To Gift Money

Snow globe - Teachers LOVE gift cards (I know I did when I was teaching!). Glam it up by creating a snow globe around your card.

Floating Funds. Fill Transluscent balloons with confetti and some rolled up bills.

Light bulb of cash - Gift a kiddo a fake lightbulb filled with bills. Half the fun is that they will need tweezers to pull them out!

Dollar tie - Fold dollar bills to make a tie. Your kiddo will think they are getting a dreaded new Church Shirt  only
to laugh when they see the tie is made of money.

Bank notes - Turn bank notes into a book! This tutorial shows you how to make the dollar pages using string and

Ways To Gift Money

Money Pad - Tear off sheets of (real) money! Make one yourself by gluing the ends of a fresh stack of one dollar bills with Rubber cement.

Balloons! - A box of balloons will surprise your kiddos. Roll up a bill and put it into each balloon along with a little note. Fill them up with helium and mail.

Super Hero Banks - Give your kids some money and a chance to learn how to save funds with a mason jar bank.

Saving Picture. Gift an event to your kids - and help them learn to save up for it. This is perfect for the gifts that you can't afford yet.

Hide It for a Surprise

Candy coins - Gift your kids a day at the arcades or the State Fair!! Along with a roll of quarters so they can enjoy the

Christmas tree farm - Make your own Christmas tree farm in a box! The trees are made from folded bills and you can add some decorations to make it look more festive!

Candy *money* jar! - Your kids will *think* they are getting a candy jar “ and what kiddo doesn't want a candy jar “ only to
discover there's a wad of money in there!

Candy Tin - What a fun way to give your pal or kiddo's teacher a gift card that they can enjoy.

Money DOES grow on trees - Make a money tree for a tween this Christmas. You can include it in an oversized card to be a bit more discreet .

Christmas Card - Create your own decorative card, sneaking some folded money into the decorations!

Gift Ideas

Confetti popper - when your kiddo bursts the confetti they will have a bonus surprise. Cash!

Money to burn - Sometimes the best things come in small packages. Mail your pals some money to burn  (for kids,
maybe include candles and skip the matches).

Tacky way - What kid actually reads the entire Christmas card anyway? Here's a fun way to make them laugh (and give them what they really want).

Money Christmas tree - This tree makes an adorable table decoration and a fun gift! The terra cotta pot makes it so cute!

Rose of Money - This adorable tutorial teaches you how to create your own rose using bills. Adorable folding makes a sweet and creative gift!

It Pays to Soap Up! - Fold a bill up into a fun shape with origami. Then pour a translucent soap over the bills and let it harden. Your kids will get paid to wash their hands.

Stocking stuffer - This is another version of soap. Make these DIY melted soaps with money in the middle! Then as your kids wash they use the soap and the money will become available.

We hope you have fun making a creative money gift for the people on your list that seem to have everything! And maybe you can share with them some creative ways to hide their money, once they've got it!

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Rachel Miller is the original Quirky Momma of Kids Activities Blog and co-author of 101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! & The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments. Rachel can now be found blogging at One Crazy House.