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Netflix has come a long way since the days of mailing you DVD’s in little red envelopes.

by Liz

I am a huge Netflix fan and love finding shortcuts and hacks for things we use every day. These are some of my favorites!


Did you know you can set maturity levels for kids to make sure they aren’t watching things they shouldn’t be? Follow this to change the settings in their profile. There are settings for little kids, older kids, teens and mature.

Make sure your husband/friend/sister etc didn’t watch without you! If you share an account, just head over to Netflix.com/WiViewingActivity and you can see everything that has been watched. It also allows you to delete shows if you don’t want anyone to know you are ahead by two episodes.

There are so many hidden Netflix categories besides the basic ones like comedies, documentaries, dramas. You can actually unlock hidden categories with secret codes! They get really specific like ‘Romantic Tearjerkers based on Books’. So fun!

Not sure what to watch today? Try Netflix Roulette. This is a really fun site where you spin the wheel and it gives you a movie. I got a movie called Dungeon Girl I had never heard of and it was actually really good!!

Now you can download movies so you can watch on the go. This has saved so much sanity on our car rides with kids when you don’t need wifi to watch!

If you don’t like that auto-play feature after each episode, you can turn it off. Just go to your account, scroll to My Profile

Make your own mood profiles. Instead of having just one profile for yourself with everything in it, create seperate ones for when you’re feeling like watching something funny, something sad, etc.

Have fun with your newfound Netflix knowledge!