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At Kids Activities Blog, we know how messy kids can get. Add a lot of toys to the mix, and your house can quickly become overrun with kid stuff. Luckily, moms are clever and have found all sorts of genius ways to manage the chaos. We’ve found even more toy organization ideas that we think you’re going to love.


Store small toys inside larger ones to save a ton of space in the playroom.

Keep card games organized in a travel soap box.

Repurpose baby wipes containers to hold your child’s crayons, magnets, Legos, toy soldiers and more. They’re so handy.

Cornstarch canisters look just like Lego heads. Check out these DIY Lego cans!

Speaking of Legos, do you have thousands of them like we do? Here are 37 genius ideas for organizing Legos. These tips will save your sanity.

And this Lego storage mat provides a convenient place to play combined with a quick pick-up method. It’s a winner!

Dress up fabric boxes with stencils and paint to match the theme of the room.

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Puzzle pieces are always getting lost in our house. Put them in zipper pouches for safekeeping! Don’t forget to include a small picture of the completed puzzle for reference.

Coffee cans are just the right size for toy cars.

Want to make it easier for your child to pick up toys? Label the bins with pictures of what should go inside. Super smart!

Here are some free printable toy bin labels to try.

Repurpose old drawers to hold toys. They slide right under the bed, so that’s a huge bonus.

Convert a coffee table into a play table. Add some chalkboard paint and bins to store train tracks and road pieces. The kids can draw their own scenery!

Does your bathroom look like a toy store exploded? Here are 15 ways to organize those bath toys once and for all.

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Put doll clothes in a shoe organizer. Shoe organizers also work well for storing Barbie dolls!

Do you have a basement? Keep most of the toys there. It will help you keep the rest of the house organized.

These large Rubbermaid containers are stackable, and they have clear drop-down doors, so you can still access what’s inside even when they’re stacked.

Get the plans to build this toy shelf to coordinate with IKEA baskets. It’s a gorgeous piece!

Toy hammocks are such a cute way to display stuffed animals, and they save valuable space in the toy box.

Use this pattern to make stuffed animal chairs. Perfect for when your kids are too old to play with the stuffed animals but still want to keep them for sentimental reasons.

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Build a toy zoo for the stuffed animals. It’s such a cute idea, and this could easily become a family heirloom piece that your children can pass down to theirs.

Organize toys into bins, and give your child one at a time to play with. Not only will it cut down on clutter, but your kids won’t be nearly as bored with their toys when they’re not all available at the same time!

These hanging shelves are darling for displaying your kiddo’s favorite treasures.

Use the back of your kids’ bedroom doors to store some toys! You’ll need a few strong hooks and some large tote bags for this project, but it’s easy to implement.

Hang wire office baskets on the wall for crafts supplies and lightweight toys.

Ready to organize the entire house? We LOVE this declutter course! It’s perfect for busy families!