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These simple fidget tools are great for keeping kids focused and still when they need a little extra help.

I know right now the fidget spinner is all the rage. It’s a super fun toy for kids and is especially great for the ones that really need it.

But the idea of little fidget tools is not new at all. Caregivers and teachers have been coming up with great ideas for kids for quite some time. And they are pretty awesome. Here are our favorite ones we know you and your kids will love.

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This DIY fidget spinner is awesome if your shelves are all sold out like they are where I live!

You can also make a fun LEGO spinner. via Frugal Fun for Boys

Use the bearings from and old, broken skateboard to make a DIY metal spinner. via All For The Boys

You probably already have everything you need to make this simple fidget like pipe cleaners and beads. via The OT Tool Box

Make your own thinking putty – a slime/silly putty type of substance you can play with. via Natural Beach Living You can also buy it here!

Wear this fidget bracelet so it’s always ready when you need it. via Dejong Dream House

Use interlocking rings to make a small fidget gadget you can fit in your pocket. via Rare Wolves

These pencil toppers are a quick and easy fidget tool you can make at home. via The OT Tool Box

If you’re feeling especially crafty, you can build a wooden spinner! via Instructables

This fun foot fidget attaches to your desk chair and is made from a pool noodle! via Adapted World

You can also make your own fidget cube! via Tex Workshop

This simple fidget toy is made from a water bottle lid. via Instructables