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15 Awesome Tooth Fairy Ideas

Has the tooth fairy been to your house yet? My little boy should be starting to lose teeth any day now and I can’t wait to use some of these awesome ideas.

If you are looking for ways to make the visit from the tooth fairy extra special – you’re gonna love this! (affiliates included)

15 Awesome Tooth Fairy Ideas

Make sparkly tooth fairy money! This is pretty easy and super fun.

This adorable pressed penny could be a brilliant new tradition. I can’t wait for the tooth fairy to leave these for my kids!

To make sure kids are taking care of their teeth, have the fairy leave a special basket with floss, a new toothbrush, a book about losing teeth and more. via Cul de sac Cool

Don’t let the tooth fairy forget to leave a receipt! These fun free printables leave a rating on the health of the tooth that was left. via Kristen Duke Photography

The tooth fairy needs a way to get in doesn’t she? This tiny fairy door is so cute and the perfect solution!

Get a custom tooth pillow with a special pocket to put your tooth in. I love this tradition so the tooth fairy doesn’t wake up kids when she is collecting teeth.

Make glitter money to leave behind – this is so fun! via Mama Cheaps

These tiny letters left from the tooth fairy and adorable. Plus, they also come with a miniature wand!

Leave a gold coin for each tooth with these great free printables. via Hello, Wonderful

The twinkle tooth holds the tooth and lights up so the fairy can find it!

Uh oh – did the tooth fairy forget to stop by? Here are 7 reasons why she didn’t come. via Busy Mommy Media

This beautiful free printable is a great tooth report for kids to leave encouragement for taking care of their teeth. via Anders Ruff

Follow this tutorial to make a monster tooth fairy pillow – perfect for little boys and girls who don’t love all things glitter and pink. via Happy Go Lucky

If you scrapbook, use these free journaling cards to document the tooth fairy experience. So sweet! via Simple as That

What does the tooth fairy do with all those teeth? This book explains it in a fun way.

Leave fairy dust without making a mess! She can leave a small pendant necklace filled with special fairy dust. via Make It Love It