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The best things come in small packages. That’s what my mother always told me (I’m short, very short), but I know I am not alone in getting a big smile when there is something fun in the mail.

You can put that smile onto someone’s face by mailing something so unique – it will be a surprise for them to discover.

This is a great way to gift a stocking stuffer to a pal without breaking the bank.

Wacky Items You can Mail

You can purchase tiny, tiny little packages perfectly packaged and filled with random surprises for your penpal.

Super cool! Instead of sending a postcard from your travels, send a custom envelope of the area you are visiting or the map of a place you would want to go.

Mail a Ball on your Birthday  “ what a fun treasure for the kids to discover on their special day!

Send a message to your friend (or mom) in a balloon, to read it they have to blow it up.

Mail a container of sprinkles to surprise the party gal “ it's a great gift to send to wish them a party.

Have a creative Kiddo? Send them a bottle filled with fun craft supplies for them to enjoy. (P.S. The site I just linked to, Givers Log, has THE BEST collection of items to mail!)

You can mail the oddest things!! Like simple toys! This toy pig was sent to be “spam” in someone's literal mail box.

You NEVER Thought You Could…

Mail Post-it notes. We all know someone who has a ton of these stuck everywhere. I bet they would love a fresh rainbow stack! Mail a stack to a pal

Mail either an invitation to a party or an unusual thank you note “ with a beach ball.

Why send a post card from the beach to your jealous friends, mail them a pair of flip-flops.

Visiting Hawaii? Send a coconut home.

What a fun surprise! This could be great as an “All the reasons why I love you”, or a birthday or graduation gift! A box of balloons.

This trick was learned from the post office staff. Make a box from a mailing envelope “ uploaded via user on Pinterest.

13oz or less. That is the weight limit of what you can send. Pack some fun treasures into a plastic paint can and mail.

Send a pal a basketball. This will cost more as they usually weigh more than 13 ounces. But oh, the fun.

Gift a bundle of bounce with a collection of bouncy balls. When they open the package the balls will all fall out.