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Simple Taste Science Experiment for Kids

Exploring the five senses with your kids is always an adventure!

It is a way to introduce children to the world around them through food. Who knows what a simple science experiment will lead to in the future...future foodie?

Today we are researching two of these senses: taste and smell through a simple taste test science experiment inspired by our sponsor, Juicy Juice. Juicy Juice has partnered with Chef Jeff Mauro on a Flavorful Fun Campaign which includes a Flavor Exploration website for families. Also, be sure to stop by today so you spin the virtual Flavor Wheel for the chance to win daily prizes through April 30, 2018.

Juicy Juice is the perfect partner for this type of easy kids science experiment because it is made with 100% juice, with no added sugar. That means the true fruit flavors come through in the juice. Juicy Juice also has 16 different flavor varieties. And they all contain no high fructose corn syrup, no cane sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

We have created two printable pages to assist in this experiment. The first was developed with non-readers in mind, but could also be helpful to older children when completing this experiment to prompt the identification of fruit flavors.

Print this science experiment page: