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Are you struggling to find some engaging activities for two year olds?

by Ness

Look no further because we have 30 activitiesto keep you little one having fun. Kids Activities Blog hopes you and your child feel inspired after reading some of these fun kids activities.


It can be tricky to come up with activities for two year olds. They have outgrown simple baby play and yet their fine motor skills are not developed enough for them to take part in more complex crafts or play. With a little imagination though, there’s no end to the number of simple, fun activities that you can do with your two year old – all using simple items from your home. Here’s over thirty ideas that are guaranteed to keep your little one entertained.


Create an easy fine motor activity using an empty cereal box as shared by One Perfect Day. Mummy Musings and Mayhem has a whole list of fun and easy fine motor activities using simple household items. Play dough is always a hit with little ones. Why not explore play dough with kitchen utensils like One Perfect Day or explore color recognition with primary colors play dough from Boy Mama Teacher Mama. Have some messy sensory fun with this rainbow spaghetti sensory tub from One Perfect Day. Mamma Smiles shares some creative pattern making with sensory wall mosaic art. Little ones are bound to have fun with this pipe cleaners on a string activity from Learn with Play at Home.


All kids love a cardboard box. The possibilities are endless. Create a fantastic cardboard box town like the one shared at The Imagination Tree. All you need are some markers, some blocks and your imagination! No cardboard box? Create a town right on the living room floor with a masking tape city like this one from Octavia and Vicky. Bring favorite books to life with teddy bears, blocks or other simple props like this adorable Goldilocks and the Three Bears invitation to play from Childhood101.

Bring the outdoors in, with this cute indoor frog pond from One Perfect Day. All you need is some blue fabric and you have water! There’s more indoor fun to be had with indoor puddle jumping from The Pleasantest Thing or why not go on a floor safari like this one from Rainy Day Mum. You can study the weather when you make colorful clouds from shaving foam like these ones from Adventures at Home with Mum.


Enjoy some playful science at the beach with these super fun and simple sand volcanoes from One Perfect Day. Learn some great tips for studying nature with toddlers from The Usual Mayhem and then start a nature journal like this one from Rainy Day Mum. You might have tried making mud pies before, but what about these dandelion mudpies from The Pleasantest Thing? So pretty and colorful! The Pleasantest Thing also has a gorgeous idea for a fall sensory bin. Try growing some beans in a jar for some simple science with toddlers from Rainy Day Mum. Learn about sun, shapes and shadows with some simple shadow tracing from Learning to Play and Playing to Learn or try some colored ice play from Octavia and Vicky – a perfect activity for warm summer afternoons. Teach kids all about wildlife with these seven ways to help kids bond with wildlife shared by Wildlife Fun 4 Kids.


Following on from the outdoor activities, One Perfect Day shows us how to take your art outdoors with some fun painting at the beach. Try painting with something other than a brush. You can use all sorts of simple household items like this gorgeous rainbow comb painting from The Imagination Tree or try shape stamping with blocks just like Mummy Musings and Mayhem. Does your little one like to put everything into their mouth? Try this edible finger paint from Laughing Kids Learn. Teach your child about color and shapes with this fun and simple shapes collage or explore hand and footprint art both from Red Ted Art.


Have fun with this simple DIY The Very Hungry Caterpillar puzzle from Boy Mama Teacher Mama or enjoy a matching game with this quick and easy toy matching activity from The Pleasantest Thing. Picklebums has a fantastic list of ideas for what to do when you’re almost two.

If your little one likes to explore by putting everything into their mouth, then Mamma Smiles has a hugely helpful list of activities for the very young who like to eat almost everything.


Two years olds are at such a fun age! We hope these 30 activities help to keep your little one entertained. But this is Kids Activities Blog so if you want just a few more fun kids activities, then take a look at these: