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Here’s another fun play recipe that you can make at home:

by Arena

Two-ingredient gak! Gak is a fun alternative to slime — it’s thicker, squishier, and makes fun sounds when you press down into it. My kiddo loves it!


Here’s what you need to make two-ingredient gak:

  • 1 bottle clear school glue
  • 3/4 cup liquid starch
  • Optional: food coloring


Add the glue to a bowl. If you want to color the gak, add a few drops of food coloring and mix it into the glue.

Slowly stir in the liquid starch, adding 1/4 cup at a time. You’ll need to use your hands to incorporate the liquid starch into the glue. It’s kind of like kneading bread — just keep working it until it’s fully incorporated.

Let it sit for a few minutes and it will acquire a smooth consistency. Then, it’s ready for play!

We had a lot of fun stretching out the gak. It’s really cool how it will melt back down into itself if you let it sit long enough.

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