Kids love to learn about the different phases of the moon.

by Andie Jaye

Today we have a list of some great moon activities for you to enjoy with your children free printable of connect the dots moon phases!

Phases of the Moon

The moon and the phases of the moon are fascinating subjects for a lot of kids. Almost since he could speak, my son has been enthralled with it. For the longest time, he had to say goodnight to the moon before going to bed. Here are some moon activities to share with your little space explorer.

Phases of the Moon

Go on a Moon Walk

Stay up a little later and go for a walk down your street and take a look at the moon. Talk with your child about the light and shadows that the moon creates on your neighborhood. This activity is especially beneficial to do when there is a full or almost full moon because the light is strongest.


Find the Moon: Daytime

On a clear day, look up at the sky and see if your child can find the moon. Many days it’s white shape is visible, even in the sunlight.

Find the Moon: Nighttime

Find a window in your house or place in your yard that you can see the moon early in the evening. Take note with your child on where it’s located in comparison to your house. A short while later, check back and observe how it’s position has changed from one place in the sky to another.

Keep a Moon Journal

Using a blank piece of paper or graph paper, draw out 30 squares. Observe the moon each night and have your child draw the shape you see.


Connect-the-Dot Moon Phases printable

Use this printable to explore the four quarter phases of the moon. Your child can connect the letters along the shaded shape of the corresponding moon phase to spell out the phase.


We hope these ideas help your child understand the phases of the moon. Do you have other ideas for moon activities? If so, please share them with us. For more kids activities for the lunar lover in your home, you might consider one of these cool ideas: