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No Christmas tree would be complete this year without a little Olaf Frozen magic. From just a humble white pom pom and some scraps of felt and googly eyes you can create a smiley Olaf for hanging on the tree, or a bedpost, or even to use as a backpack charm.

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Simply make a white pom pom with one of these brilliant store bought pom pom makers, cardboard discs, or whatever your preferred method is.

Then just simply
– Glue on two googly eyes. I recommend using a fabric glue or tacky glue.
– Cut a little triangle of orange felt for Olaf’s nose and glue on
– Cut a black piece of felt for the mouth and glue on
– Part the wool threads and glue thin pipe cleaners right down into the centre of the pom pom.
– When dry and secured into position curl the pop poms, just like Olaf’s hair!
– Knot a length of wood or twine around the pom pom and use to hang.

Happy holidays!
Michelle xx

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