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Summer is the perfect season for catching frogs! But if you don’t live near a pond or lake, what do you do? You craft, of course! Shared above is an adorable kid-made craft created from coffee stirrers! Coffee Stirrer Froggies are fun for kids of all ages and they are the perfect craft for summer.


My children love all things frog! To make this sweet summer craft you will need:

  • Wooden coffee stirrers
  • Red and green markers
  • Glitter (green)
  • Green pony beads
  • Wiggly eyes
  • White school glue
  • 1 craft stick (standard sized)
  • Scissors

After gathering supplies, begin by coloring the coffee stirrers green with the marker. Next, glue 2 green coffee stirrers together with white school glue.

Tip: Use wax paper to protect your surface while glueing.

While the craft sticks are drying, glue a wiggly eye on each of the pony beads. Use the glue to secure the pony bead “eyes” to the craft sticks.

Just for fun, lightly coat the craft sticks with glue, then sprinkle green glitter all over them.

Last, use scissors to cut the end off of a regular craft stick. Color it red with a marker. Glue the piece of craft stick onto the green coffee stirrers to create the frog’s mouth.