Newton's Laws, friction, the solar system, and more! THIS IS ROCKET SCIENCE!

We’ve always known that Page Street Publishing comes out with super awesome books for kids, but when they reached out to us wanting to partner with them to promote This Is Rocket Science by Emma Vanstone we were blown away!

If you have a kiddo that is even remotely interested in science or outer space, you have to check out this new book. There are 70 easy experiments in the book that kids can complete at home.

We even completed a few of the experiments from the book to give you an idea of just how cool it is!

Earth’s Atmosphere

My favorite part about this activity book is that each activity comes with a lesson. The experiment I am about to show you is a visual representation of the 5 layers of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The book explains how the layers work as barriers and explains what each layer does for our planet and how they help us survive.



Corn Syrup

Dish Soap


Vegetable Oil

Narrow Jar

Sticky Labels



In the order listed above, carefully pour the liquids into a jar. Try not to get the thicker liquids on the side of the jar and try to pour the thinner liquids slowly so that the layers stay seperate.

Use the labels to title each layer of the “atmosphere” on your jar.

This Is Rocket Science then goes on to explain that the liquids stay separated because each liquid has a different density and relates that concept back to the Earth’s atmosphere!

This activity book is also great for kids to gain or retain knowledge over the summer break in a way that doesn’t make them feel like they are learning!

You can purchase This Is Rocket Science on Amazon and at bookstores today!