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Most moms and dads with kids at home don't attend glamorous New Year's Eve galas at swanky clubs ”at least

Not the moms and dads I know.

What is more typical is either a fun family evening or inviting a few friends over for a small party. If you're like me, you still want to make ringing in the New Year a special occasion. New Year’s activities for kids can be a ton of fun!

On my blog, Spaceships and Laser Beams, I specialize in boy parties. That means I ™m always looking for ways to make celebrations memorable and I have lots of fun ideas to share with you, including for New Year's Eve!


Most families still have Christmas decorations up at New Year's, but adding a few specialized items for the night is a good idea. The evening is often associated with sparkle; including silly hats with tinsel, noise makers and even glow sticks generates extra party atmosphere. There are so many easy DIY decorations for New Year’s Eve parties!

Earlier today, Kids Activities Blog published a 2014 series of New Years coloring pages for kids. Or take a peek at these free New Years Eve printables. A treat filled piñata, perhaps in a star or bell shape, is sure to be popular with the younger set. Hanging several confetti filled balloons to pop at midnight is festive, too. It is also great to look back with these free printable New Years Eve activities.

Don't forget the food! You don't have to provide gourmet fare, but do arrange the table with colorful dishes to establish a party mood. A build-your-own hot cocoa bar is a current cold weather favorite, but something like an ice cream sundae station or decorate-your-own cupcake feature works just as well. The idea is to give the kids something interesting to do and you ™ll get extra points if they can eat it, too!

One of my favorite suggestions for New Year's Eve is to write a special activity to do on a piece of paper; roll it up and stick it inside a balloon. Blow the balloon up and write a time (for example, 7 PM) on it. When the clock chimes 7, the balloon is popped and it's time for that activity. Have balloons for each hour until midnight.


Whether or not you use the balloon technique to generate activities, having several fun things planned is imperative if you want happy kids! Here's a list of some of the best suggestions for the evening:

  • take turns being a karaoke star; it's even more fun if you have a few costume pieces for various star  personalities
  • bundle up, go outside, see who can find the Big Dipper first; make sure to ooh  and ahh  over the beautiful night sparkles, then come in for mugs of hot cocoa
  • give the kids a stack of magazines; let them cut out pictures of things they want to do/see/be in the New Year or
  • make an I Wish  tree for each child: a tree branch in a shiny container; provide colorful paper, hole punch and string so each child can write down hopes for the New Year and hang them on the I Wish  tree or
  • give each child a pre-made resolution  sheet to decorate and write dreams on
  • bake, decorate (and eat) star shaped cookies or some other special treat
  • play a game (lots of options here)
  • watch a movie; make it cozy by making a pillow/blanket fort on the floor
  • review and write down a list of favorites from the past year (this is fun to keep and look back on, too)
  • work an age appropriate puzzle/s
  • provide themed coloring pages; using stickers, markers and puffy paint is more fun
  • do pre-planned crafts (there are lots of options here, too)

If you are also hosting adults and will be busy interacting with your contemporaries, then by all means engage an older sibling or baby sitter, or at least have the adults take turns overseeing the younger generation. If you have pre-planned kidlet activities, everyone can have a fun, safe time.

Be sure to use those noise makers and pop the confetti balloons at midnight. Toast one another and the New Year with pop or sparkling juice in fancy  glasses. Have a Happy New Year!

What will your kids be doing on New Years Eve?