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I admit that I was a little obsessed with scratch and sniff stickers when I was a kid.

by Holly

They had a bit of magic packed inside in the form of a fragrance. It was back in the day {see how old I am} when we had sticker books that held our sticker collections.

A good scratch and sniff sticker could be traded for multiple stickers lower in the sticker pecking order.

The fun doesn’t have to be held inside a sticker. You can make your own scratch and sniff paint and decorate a card to send to a friend or a treasured artwork piece that smells…in a good way.


This recipe makes a small amount of each colorful scent. Use a small container to mix them.


  • 1 Tablespoon of White Glue
  • 1 teaspoon of Water
  • 3/4 teaspoon of Chocolate Powder OR Flavored Gelatin depending on what smells/colors you want

Mix together with a toothpick.

Use a white crayon to outline the areas to add the scratch and sniff paint. It will help “corral” the watery color. Use your finger to add color inside each outlined area.

We made circles on the front of a card. The thick cardstock was helpful to maintain the paper integrity since the paint is runny.

Once the paint dries, it will release a little fragrance when touched. We had fun having people guess what the smells were.

In the card above, the brown circles are chocolate and the orange were orange. We also made one that had red circles that smelled like strawberries.

This activity was fun. I was surprised that the card in the picture was held the entire day and taken home to a safe spot.