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by Deirdre

A Thanksgiving preschool craft is a great way to introduce your kids to this holiday and encourage them to be more grateful.

If you enjoy having your children play and explore painting, but don’t love a lot of paint everywhere. Salad spinner painting may just be your kind of painting. We just painted the feathers of this wonderful turkey and didn’t end up with paint all over the table.


We started by gathering all the materials for the craft. They were the following:

  • Salad Spinner
  • Paint of various colors
  • Coffee Filters
  • Water in a small bowl

We added a couple globs of a single color to the water and swished it around. When the water and the paint had blended, we dumped it on top of a coffee filter sitting in the salad spinner.


My son pushed on the spinner button and watched the paint fly. He loves to make the spinner go faster and faster.

We repeated the process above a couple of times using a different color of paint each time. The paint created pretty layers on top of each other as we added each cup of paint and spun it.

When we had created several coffee filter works of art, we set them out to dry on a clothes drying rack.

When they had dried, I had my son pick out the artist creation that he wanted to use to create a special Thanksgiving turkey. We then cut out a head, eyes, beak and feet to add to the turkey out of construction paper.

My son glued each of the pieces onto the turkey’s feathers and we had a turkey with feathers made of a totally original work of art.

That makes two wonderful reasons to paint using a salad spinner. The first was to contain paint in a closed container and the second is that you can create amazing works of art. Now matter how many times we salad spinner paint the paintings all come out differently.


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