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Any Dinosaur lovers out there!?

by Mackenzie

My boys absolutely LOVE playing what we refer to as Dinosaur Breakout! It is a perfect simple activity for those HOT days when being outside means water must be involved in some way!

Lately, we have been known to have dinosaurs in our freezer on a very regular basis!


  • Plastic dinosaurs (or other small figurines)
  • Tupperware/plastic container
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • Water
  • Small hammer


1.​Fill your plastic container with water and food coloring (optional), then drop in your dinosaurs.

2.Place it carefully in the freezer.

3.When completely frozen, remove them from the freezer. Run warm (not hot) water over the container until the ice separates from the container.

4.Head outside and gently remove your Dinosaur Ice. Allow your children to use a small hammer to break away the ice to find all the dinosaurs. In our home, the dinosaurs immediately go back in the freezer and the whole activity repeats itself! 🙂


  • Great for Gross Motor Skills- This activity really teaches a child how to use their entire arm and swing a small, light weight hammer and strike an object.
  • Great activity for a pre- or post reading activity when talking about/learning about dinosaurs. Our boys would highly recommend the ‘How Do Dinosaurs…” series by Jane Yolan.
  • All around FUN activity for little ones to like to watch things break! 🙂 This is one thing we can let them break and actually smile about!
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