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I love setting up a simple baby game for my son.

by Katie

While I’m always trying to get my busy baby outdoors to stretch and play, there are times when we just have to be indoors (much to his displeasure!). So we’ve come up with easy baby games that he can play while I throw laundry in the washing machine or start dinner. He loves to be on the move, so this activity was a hit!

While I was starting a fun fall mason jar craft, I couldn’t resist using the fall leaves that I had bought at my local craft store for my son. This is simple to set up and you can use the leaves for another project when your done!


  • Fake Fall Leaves
  • Hole Punch
  • String/twine
  • Tape
  • Baby play tunnel <—affiliate link to our favorite tunnel!


You’ll need to hole punch the leaves at the base of the leaf. Then, thread some of the twine or string through the hole and make a knot. Tape each hanging leaf to the top of your crawling tunnel and you’re done!

We put our fan behind the opening of the tunnel so that are leaves were floating and flying all around as my kids crawled through the tunnel (it happened to be a very hot day!). It was a wonderful way to bring new life to one of our favorite baby toys.

Tip: our play tunnel comes with velcro around the openings. I wrapped the velcro around the legs of a chair on either side of the hanging leaves so that the tunnel wouldn’t move!

When it was time to clean up, we folded our play tunnel up and put it away without taking off the leaves. It folded up easily and my kids can’t wait to play again!

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