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Two year olds are so curious. Their brains just love to soak in the world around them.

by Rachel

I try to have as wide of a variety of things for my kids to enjoy. My favorite activities for 2 year olds can be grouped as: Exploring, Fine Motor Skill Development and Messy. Looking for other age groups? Check out our Activities for One Year Olds.


Tykes love to explore their surroundings. Explore volume by pouring with kids. Explored the changes in consitency as they added water to floam from soap flakes eventually playing with bubbles. Explore the outdoors on a scavenger hunt with some nifty cards from Saltwater Kids. What boy doesn’t like to get dirty? Allie of No Time for Flashcards watched her son explore in dirt. Anna of the Imagination Tree enjoyed exploring with shaving creamwith her girls.


Are you looking for ideas to keep little fingers occupied? Here is a collection of a Dozen Playdough Activities, a variety of discovery boxes are great for open-ended play. Chasing Cherrios helped her kids develop fine motor skills with a cheese shaker and toothpicks, while Lilla-A made a tool and gadget wall (*swoon*). Mya and Me had fun making towers of cherrios.


Dip balls into paint and have fun rolling them around on a canvas in this Ball Painting Project. Use a variety of items for your kids to paint with, including this one from Paint on the Ceiling – a toilet brush. Two year olds love to make handprints – here is a collection of different handprint crafts for your kids to enjoy. Don’t want to use a brush? How about painting with balloons? Or using toy cars to paint masterpieces?


These activities were gleaned in part from our weekly kids activity meme, It’s Playtime. If you have any activities you’d love to have added to our collection please join our link-up or leave a note in the comments. I hope to update this page semi-regularly as I discover more activities.


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​Rachel is the founder of the blog, One Crazy House. She is the co-author of 101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! and The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and six children.