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40+ Activities for Two Year Olds

Our two year old kids *love* to BE BUSY with all sorts of activities. We have a two year old boy and girl and they are constantly “doing” and creating. I am sure they are not alone in the seemingly boundless energy. Below are some of the games that they enjoy.

Activities for Two Year Olds

  1. Help your child learn to measure.
    1. Make letters with play dough.
    2. Explore chemical reactions with baking soda and vinegar.
    3. Jam to musical instruments (and other ideas for kids play).
    4. Play with a muffin tin and toy balls as a color game for toddlers.

Be silly with your kids:

  1. Decorate faces with playdough hair.
    1. Make Squishy bags into an aquarium for your kids to explore.
    2. Make a fruit (or veggie) snack necklace for your kids to make and eat.
    3. Throw your child’s favorite toy, a birthday party.
    4. Play with bubbles and balls in a tub.
    5. Get some PVC pipes, add some seeds – tubes for toddlers!
    6. Stab at an foam plate with this toddler activity.

 "activities for 2 year olds 2"

Help your Child Develop:

  1. Make bracelets from cut up straws. Great for Fine Motor development!
    1. Dig out the kitchen tongs and have fun picking up items.
    2. Play with pompoms “ try blowing them across the floor.
    3. Build with craft sticks “ just use Velcro dots.
    4. Make collages together – a fun two year old activity.
    5. Create a basket of play items – great for the development of play!
    6. Practice balancing with a plank of wood (aka. Balance beam).
    7. Create an edible “sandbox” using cream of wheat.

Get creative!

  1. Use beads and pipe cleaners to create sculptures.
    1. Watch your kids have fun and create with “spray bottle” paint.
    2. Go on a nature hunt around your neighborhood.
    3. Make a light box for your kids to interact with.
    4. Play with edible jewels  “ eat pomegranate seeds.
    5. Finger paint with sponges. It is a great way to have a less-mess art time.
    6. Trace their bodies outside with chalk
    7. Make tracks in playdough with your toy animals.
    8. Practice pouring with your child. Give them a pitcher and some cups.
    9. Make glitter slime with your kids

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Just for fun:

  1. Play with foam shapes in the bathtub.
    1. Give your child a pair of scissors and let them shred paper.
    2. Play with Petals in a floating bouquet.
    3. Make tracks in playdough with your toy animals.
    4. For a quiet-time Kids Activity, have your kids create felt faces.
    5. Play with Petals in a floating bouquet.
    6. Make tracks in playdough with your toy animals.
    7. Here are 32 *other* fun ideas of things to do with your kids.
    8. Create sensory bags with your toddler.
    9. Create an invitation to playtime – in a bag.

Just one more….

Have you tried the ABC Mouse app? Our toddlers learned how to count and learned the alphabet from playing games on it! Check it out and get a 30-day FREE trial here!

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