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Does dad love to do crafts with the kids?

We’ve found some amazing dad projects for fathers to do with their kids. We hope you have fun with these!!!


Make bubbles that bounce in this playful science project. Every one will have fun doing this one outside!

Make your own snow in the Summer, with only 2 ingredients. I had no idea you could do snow with shaving cream, did you?

Go in the backyard and get messy with this exploding chalk idea! They build their own rockets and it is the best kind of colorful fun.

Another backyard science experiment is the traditional mentos and soda! Watch the soda fly when you do this fun trick.

For an extra twist on the soda explosion, try making your own soda rockets!


Cardboard maze in the backyard. The site is in Russian but the pictures are explanatory and look super fun!

Make your own camera obscura using coffee cans. such a neat lesson for the kids and we had no idea it would be so easy to make!!!

Let the kids make their own labyrinth game with dad! Cardboard, straws and marbles, and you’ve got your entire day sorted!

Another fun backyard project, dad and the kids can construct these zappy zoomers! They fly really far!!!

Use batteries to make these adorable little dancers. Loving the idea to combine dolls and science!!!

Work with straws to make this amazing dome. Use it as a ball or just be impressed by your engineering skills!

Is it hot outside? Make a balloon shooter! This will launch water balloons and make a hot day, a wet and fun one.


Recycle an old pizza box into an airfield. This even has working lights and it’s perfect for every plane loving family.

Do you have a budding photographer? Use this easy tutorial to make a toy camera for the little ones!

Let the water pour with this DIY water wall. Dad and the kids will love finding all the right pieces to make the most epic water wall ever!

Homemade water shooters are so easy to make in this simple backyard project for dads and kids!

Feeling crafty? Make this fun art robot and see what types of masterpieces the robot can produce! So much fun and a cute twist on an everyday craft.

Have the most fun of wars in the living room with these pom pom shooters. They are fun to launch at one another and no one will get hurt since they are so fluffy and light!


This homemade matchbox car race track will have the kids laughing and competing all day long. Super simple to pull off, especially for how much fun it will bring to your child’s day.

Use leftover corks to make this creative pirate ship toy. Use it in a backyard pool, the sink or even the bathtub. It really floats!!!

Do your kids (and husband) love LEGOs as much as ours? Construct this fun LEGO catapult and watch the lego pieces fly!

Zoom around the house with this easy clothespin airplane. Paint it up any color you’d like or leave it brown. The sky is the limit!


Make your own wheelbarrow to haul things (or kids) in the backyard. This is perfect for imaginative playtime.

For older kids, you can make a backyard bow and arrow. This is perfect for a day when you are learning about history or how to make it “off the grid”.

A small indoor catapult will be fun for rainy days. See who can launch the milk cap farthest!

Hold a backyard Summer camp, complete with races. Using this tutorial you can set up your own ribbon finish line to make the races that much more fun and competitive.

If camp is not your thing, throw a backyard circus, complete with homemade stilts! Your kids will love walking high and working on their large motor skills at the same time.

Use things that you’ve probably already got around the house to make this fun race car. Rubber bands help it really go!


Do you have a lot of cardboard boxes lying around? Then you can definitely make this model train. Each child can be responsible for creating a train car, and you can bring them all together at the end. Teamwork!

Painted rocks can make the best of race tracks and cars. The kids will love this unconventional way to play their favorite game. There’s nothing like variety.

For windy days, you can even make your own homemade kite. Watch them fly and see who can get the most air!

After all this fun, you will definitely want to make some noise! DIY noisemakers are the perfect end to a fun day in the backyard with dad!

Do your kids love playing with dad? Which of these dad approved projects will you be trying first?