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We have lots of homemade paint recipes for you today! These fun paints are inspired by Allison at Learn Play Imagine.

by Holly

The great thing about this list, is that you likely have the ingredients in your kitchen cabinets right now!


  • Natural watercolor paint made from fresh flowers. This paint recipe combines art and science in one colorful project.
  • Simple paint recipe made from ingredients you most likely have in your kitchen right now. The best part is that even a toddler can make this paint!
  • Remember scratch and sniff stickers? Here’s how to make scratch and sniff finger paint! By using flavored gelatin, you can make any scent you want.
  • This chilly paint recipe is perfect for a hot summer afternoon and can be whipped up in just a few minutes.
  • Here is a fun sparkly, glossy, two ingredient sensory paint kids will love.
  • You can make the same type of paint that was used on the Sistine Chapel! Did you know tempera paint is like a mix of chalk and egg?
  • For the smallest artists, here’s an edible baby and toddler safe recipe for finger paint that is fun for kids of all ages.
  • Kids will love this glowing paint recipe, and it’s easy to make. This would be a fun slumber party activity!
  • Make painting a multi-sensory experience with this scented sidewalk chalk paint.
  • Kids love doodling and creating with this raised paint. Moms love that it builds fine motor skills!
  • Making your own watercolor paints is so easy! Everything you need is likely right in your kitchen and this is also a fun way to teach kids about mixing primary colors to create new ones.
  • Add texture to paint to explore printmaking. For an added sensory experience, try painting on foil.
  • Sometimes making homemade paint can be as simple as opening a can of milk and mixing in some color. Spice it up by adding festive scents and even some glitter!
  • Use up leftover Halloween candy by turning it into paint. Starburst candy comes in gorgeous colors and smells incredible, combining art and sensory play in one recipe.
  • Use flour as a base for this homemade finger paint that is perfectly safe for the toddler that puts everything in their mouth.
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