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These preschool science experiments are perfect for the smallest scientists. Engage little ones curious nature of “why” and use these hands on activities to explain. It is never too early to explore and investigate!

by Holly

Here are some fun ways to introduce science to your preschooler, inspired by We Made That.


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1.Introduce a lesson on surface tension by making color changing milk. This is a kid favorite!

2.This simple naked egg experiment uses a secret ingredient to remove an egg shell from the egg, keeping it contained in the membrane.

3.Bringing back a classic, this experiment with sound waves and show your kids how they can travel through a string.

4.Teach kids how clouds form in our atmosphere with this hands on experiment to create a cloud right in your kitchen.

5.Explain to kids why the moon appears to change shapes with this fun experiment about moon phases.

6.Here is a simple way to learn about water density and also make a really pretty rainbow! Everything you need for this is right in your kitchen cabinets.

7.Talk about water absorption with your kids and experiment by taking items around your house and placing them in water. What absorbs the water and what does not?

8.Kids love this fun experiment to make butter because they have something to taste at the end!

9.Explain how mountains are created, with an edible science experiment. This is really informative and tastes great!

10.Learn about Earth Worms and how they help your garden by creating your own miniature habitat for them to live.

11.This experiment shows kids how frost is formed and all you need is a can, water and ice. This is fun to do when it starts getting chilly outside.

12.Talk about germs with your preschoolers and the importance of keeping things clean with this germ growing experiment.