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You won't know what you're watching at first, but then you won't be able to look away!

When I was a kid, the coolest thing in the world was setting up dominoes and knocking them down. Not the big dominoes, but those little, colorful ones. You could get entire sets of them at the store and set up thousand and thousands of little plastic, colorful 'dominoes' and watch them tumble down. There were even templates you could set them up in to see cool designs that you didn't have to create yourself.

Whoever set this track up DEFINITELY played with those dominoes as a kid. At first it looks like Thomas just going down a little track and, wow, cool, whatever. But then the loops start. And flying through the air. And spinning. And it becomes pretty clear that whoever created this spent a LOT of hours figuring out exactly how to make it all work.

The end result? Probably the coolest you'll ever see Thomas the Train. Definitely the coolest toy trick you'll ever see in your life. And when your kids watch it? Pretty good chance they're going to want to go out and design a track, too!

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