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There's a whole lotta hoopla for nothing...

Talking animals are fun. Okay, so really they don’t talk (except for those dogs that say hello, and no, and such), but anthropomorphized animals are fun. There’s just something so adorable about watching animals carry on human conversations. Their little whiskers flicking back and forth, their twitchy little noses. That dog who was so excited about getting a kitten, remember him? Animals are fun anyway, but when you add in voices they’re practically magical. These guinea pigs are no exception. With the arrival of autumn came pumpkin spiced everything. And while we humans might be willing to stand in line waiting, these guinea pigs don’t understand what the big deal is…

“But it’s pumpkin, it has no flavor.” “No, it’s the stuff they put on the pumpkin to give it flavor.” I love it! I couldn’t stop laughing as I watched this, and couldn’t wait to show my daughter. Her reaction? “Really, mom?” Yeah, so maybe she’s cooler than me, but at least I get to have a sense of humor. And this was funny stuff!

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