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Her name is Wendy and she's absolutely perfect!

EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING:: While the main video is very clean, the language becomes explicit at the 4:22 mark. Please be advised!

You may remember Steve-O from his days on the show Jack***, but what you may not know is that he's change a LOT since those days. During the show he was an alcoholic and drug addict who tried extreme adventures as a way to deal with his addictions. Since then, he has gotten sober, become a vegan, and worked hard toward changing his life around completely. He credits a lot of those changes to the love of his two dogs.

Well, while filming a new show in Peru, Steve realized there were a lot of street dogs just wandering around. He bought a bag of dog food to see if he could befriend any of them, and after a lot of no's, he met Wendy. Wendy fell in love with Steve as quickly as he fell in love with her. Even after he was gone for a few hours, Wendy waited patiently for him to return. Who wouldn't love a dog like that? It took zero hesitation for Steve to decide he needed to adopt Wendy and take her on the rest of his adventure with him, and from this video you can see the excitement very mutual: this is a match made in doggy heaven.

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