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PAW Patrol fans will have so much fun dressing up as their favorite pup with this No-Sew PAW Patrol Marshall Costume.

by Arena

I am all about creating costumes using things from around the house — and not having to break out the sewing machine!

We recreated Marshall’s vest from PAW Patrol using a red fleece vest, some duct tape, and some felt. So easy, and my son LOVED pretending to be his favorite rescue pup!


Here’s what you need to make a no-sew PAW Patrol Marshall costume:

Download and print our Marshall PAW Patrol badge template.

To make the badge for your no-sew PAW Patrol Marshall costume, use the template to cut pieces of felt into shapes. Glue each layer together and set aside.

Line the top of the fleece vest with the yellow duct tape, leaving enough tape at the top to be able to fold it over to the inside.

Fold over the top layer, then add another line of duct tape to the bottom to ensure the entire collar is covered.

Cut the tape into 2-inch pieces and fold those around the trim of the arm holes, overlapping the pieces so that none of the fleece shows through.

Finally, glue the Marshal PAW Patrol tag onto the zipper of the vest.

We bought a fun Marshall hat to go with our costume, but you could easily make one with a play fireman’s hat and some white and black felt.

This would be such a fun addition to a PAW Patrol Birthday Party — can you imagine the birthday kid dressed up as their favorite pup?! Adorable!