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Spaghetti tacos? Soccer at dinnertime? Why not!

We all have very different parenting styles, and the key is to find the style that works for you. Every family is different. Every family dynamic is different. And at the end of the day if your kids are happy, healthy, and on the road toward growing up - whatever you're doing is working.

That being said, sometimes it's fun to mix things up a bit. And that's exactly what this mom did. This 'gentle parent' wanted to see what it was like to only say 'yes' to her two little boys for a week. There were ground rules, of course, but for the most part the kids got to make the decisions.

And while you'd have expected craziness, mess, and chaos, instead the entire family found a better work-life balance and mom found out her kids truly were the amazing little beings she always suspected. While this experiment might not continue forever, I think it was pretty clear from the video that mom's going to try to say 'yes' much more often. And her kids will keep having those 'best day's ever' as a result.

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